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O Whatsapp: + (521)55)-3480-3284 / + 001- 772-828-8882
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With this letter, I would like to inform you of the position of Mr. Patrick Estime: as a representative in the offices, including the United States, Mexico, Haiti . (see more)

Our work Letter of objective Haitelmex FoundationThe Haitelmex 

Haitelmex  has three priority areas: (1) Individual, organizational and corporate development, (2) Sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition for children (3) Civic participation ...(see more)

Haitelmex Foundation: Consulting Group. (Invitation) Consultant program for (
NGOs) Professionals, town halls and other "Haitelmex Foundation" (federal contractors): CORP COMPANY: ID 872648. You are invited to the service ...
.(see more)

Promotion and development educational, cultural, artistic, scientific and technological:
General objective: promotion and educational development through our corporate purpose: work has improved the social and ecological environment for sustainable development, to ensure the community, especially children and youth for a better future. 

12 years experience from 2007 to the present day.

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