Our program of the Social Contribution Activities , Haitelmex Foundation in Haiti and Mexico

Our participation program in Mexico and Haiti, Haitelmex Foundation

Activity report, transformation of plastic waste in Haiti into artisanal products. with the participation of our Youth to reduce Juvenile delinquency.


Social objectives Haitelmex Foundation.

  2. GENERAL OBJECTIVE: PROMOTING AND DEVELOPING EDUCATION FOR OUR CORPORATE GOAL: The work has improved the social and ecological environment conducive to sustainable development, to ensure a better future for the community, especially for children and young people.


✓ Marginalized communities and indigenous peoples.

✓ The development of women.

✓ Protect the rights of children.

✓ Vulnerable groups (HIV AIDS, immigrants, victims of violence, etc.).

✓ Vulnerable groups by age, sex or disability.

✓ Group associations with the same goals.

The Haitelmex Foundation has three priority areas.

(1) Individual, organizational and corporate development.

(2) Sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition for children.

(3) Civic engagement (especially with women in Mexico, the United States and Haiti), and including the development and implementation of public policies.

Main activities

(1) Create a Publication Service in exchange for donation for their new partners by offering advertising in our magazine website and local event this exchange agreement to enable us to accompany our partners in several other areas throughout the year through the agreement of several other countries

(2) Program Job Creation and Social Engagement in Event Employment: professional sector promoter, training for their advocacy agents, worker, national and international every three months.

(3) Through the sports and cultural events' committee, we organize sports exchange programs in Mexico, Geneva and other countries every three months to compete in Marathon, volleyball and basketball programs. At the same time we are recruiting promoters to promote our activities.

(4) Through the Education and Planning Committee Create a Linguistic Program in English, French, Spanish, Literacy and Community Development Training, REPRESENTATIVES PROGRAM BRIGADIER AND ADVOCACY / SOCIAL PROMOTERS.

(5) In addition to the Foundation Haitelmex has a support service to the big partner for (NGOs) Universities, hospitals, researchers, professionals, company which calls for tender / training seminar / Analysis consulting services -: Strategic conception, Feasibility study. Agricultural Workers Program Everyone who is interested in working in sustainable development projects has an annual affiliation fee.

Our priority programs are encompassed by a set of activities from a mini year-round promotion program and training and at the end of the fiscal year we hold a general meeting for the presentation of the report. Activities .

We offer 250 scholarships to young people recruited in marginalized areas through our programs of activities and training that is titled: Capacity Building and Leadership . And a Linguistics program and a food center. This program designed to help youth at ..., organizations and others for 24 months. Haitelmex has promised to train more than 250 young people each year.

In terms of expected results:

As part of the job creation and social engagement program, this program has already trained more than 250 young people of both sexes as Agent and all certificate participants.

TEL: WhatsApp, : MX 00(-521-(55)-3480-3284

E-mail: direction@fondationhaitelmex.org


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Our program Activities 2022 of a year in review ,Haitelmex Foundation.


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