Opportunities and benefits for VIP or club members, from 2024/2025 and description of the 13 services we offer to members.

1_ Registered members will receive a 12-month membership certificate.

2_After 6 to 10 days, you will have to receive a gift Mimi laptop chrome in an address in the USA

3_ we will create a professional email for members

4_ We create a database to present your projects to donors.

5_ If you have more than 7 to 90 registered participants, you will have the opportunity to receive an invitation letter to participate in our international training, with three days of free accommodation, or $350 to $ 950 dlls as a bonus payment

6_ You will receive software giving access to 34 Canva services.

7_ You will have access to 12 local training courses for the semester plus another certificate

8_ We offer an online consultation service

9_ Possibility to present your letter to explain the objective of your project.

10_ You will have access to the publication on the web page and in our magazine.

11_ If you have more than 15 to 90 other VIP members (SMEs) according to the conditions of our work plan, you can benefit from a credit system of 10,000 US dollars per month for administrative costs, rent, etc.

12_ We need to create a system to sell donuts to raise money for your organization or club activity.

13_ We must A platform system with the Department of Labor with the United States Government, if you are an event worker promoter, to receive your box number as identification of your affiliation

14_ We need to create an indigo platform system

To support our project, they have a cost of $270, as a VIP member

Sincerely ;

For any other information
Contact the sports and logistics committee
Tel: WhatsApp: (52-664-616-8382, USA, 1 (857) 288-0590, 1 (829) 346 -9657
Email: direction@fondationhaitelmex.org 


Support and advisory program for (NGOs)

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The call for proposals concerns all NGOS

The call for proposals concerns all NGOS carrying projects related to the themes validated during the consultation sessions, in particular:

1. Improvement of basic social services to the people;
2. The promotion of local economic development;
3. The promotion of culture;
4. Promoting good local governance.

(A) logistics operation disaster facility
(B) capacity building for healthy nutrition and leadership in certificate delivery each semester.


(4.) Organize workshops and training courses in the field of activation; the preparation and implementation of development projects and educational, cultural and social media, and art. And the organization of cultural, artistic and sports seminars and events for international exchange.
(5.) Provide social, scientific, sports and environmental services, health; professional and cultural for the benefit of young people, children and people with special needs and worked with organizations that make sure to work on sustainable and long-term projects.
(6.) Create and develop agricultural cooperatives also social and cultural centers.
(7.) The issue of newspapers and newsletters, research and periodical studies, which have the character of cultural and scientific education, will serve the interests of Haitian socialization in the United States and Mexico, magazine distribution every 90 days as activity report, promotion on our web for affiliate organizations.
(8.) Strengthen the knowledge and know-how of NGOs, Professionals Research legal partners to provide organizations with a better understanding of the legal and legislative frameworks in which they operate plays an advocacy role: and Our advocacy is to promote an extensive promoting human rights, using all channels of communication to publicize mechanisms for the promotion and protection of human rights. So that human rights can be respected
(9) Program Job Creation and Social Engagement in Event Employment: professional sector promoter., Training for advocacy agents as well as working with international promoters for promotion in close collaboration with NGOs

For any other information in the framework of integration as a new member in the framework job creation of jobs or like Organization, contact us with the following number:
Pre-registration form online ? And a copied to the main management with your copy of the document: ?

? Bookings and Information.

(Click to learn more) Job Creation Program : Recruitment invitation for new representatives


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