Why is it important for a person to respect nature? Let's listen, one of our environmental advocates, from the Haitelmex Foundation.

Micro Sidewalk Program # 5 SINTHIA, in the City of ST Marc, as social promoter and environmental defender with the Haitelmex Foundation

Activity report, plastic waste transformation, Haitelmex and CEPROTRAFH, in L'Artibonite Verette, Haiti.

Interlocutor office, for CSOs/NGOs, from LATAM and the Caribbean

Office of the Interlocutor Program Commission, 2022, 2024.
With the Civil Society teams of the World Bank (World Bank) and the IMF,
For NGOs, Professionals and others.
From Latin America and the Caribbean

Prof: Patrick Estime, is the Founding President of the Haitelmex Foundation,  more than 17 years in Latin America and the Caribbean, as a 501(c)(3) tax office in the United States since 2014, which offers programs to strengthen the capacity of young people, and we have a program to accompany other Organizations, professionals, who want to achieve their social objectives.

Our first objective is to offer a support service to accompany other Organizations, professionals, young people, etc! Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of our affiliates, through an environmental protection program, So that they become certified social promoters and defenders of the environment, and offer them the possibility of achieving their objectives through a variety of services support, and offer training programs, seminars, international congresses throughout the year , which allows you to develop your skills at the business level, at the crossroads of rights, economic, social and climate justice, with the aim of generating positive results change.

Studies of the Career in Infantry, and in Community Development, With other certifications, with 30 years  as an Experience, community in matters of health and safety at work and Design and advertising production, communication, advertising and marketing,  Logistics operational plan, assistance in sustainable development, etc. you can see your activity through Youtube, @haitelmexfoundation28 , YouTube channel 

Directed by Adm. Mr. Estime Patrick / of the Haitelmex Foundation
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Ref: https://youtu.be/gqkmw014C48 

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