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Each year, we offer scholarships to 25 members of our women's groups from the United States, Haiti, Mexico and Africa for their participation in the United Nations conferences and in Geneva on the occasion of the Day World Women's Day, which will take place in New York from March 11 to 22, 2019, and other trainings in Geneva in April 2019.


We have a plan to train 63 young people in Florida, Etats-Unis and through the center of Haiti in Mexico During 24 months in 3 objective points: Disaster Logistics Plan, Water security, healthy nutrition, HealthCare, with a seminar plan and every quarterly, will receive a certificate throughout the year. Besides that, this program designed to help young people to advocate of the program. We assured to train more than 189 young people each year. . (see more)


We offer primary health consulting services, laboratory tests, prevention and training sessions for young people with premature ideas, trauma healing workshops for raped and battered women, and medical care for children and the general population. This includes AIDS testing and support for those who are HIV +. Founded in 2007 with a full-time staff, it serves more than 5000 people each year..


Through an environmental protection project, we have a program to help NGOs, companies, professionals, etc.

Who wishes to work on long-term sustainable projects, thanks to an annual or free membership licence, with certain restrictions, which are included, eight services throughout the year. And, we give each new member a tablet or laptop.


We are looking for volunteers who want to broaden their network of relationships and friends to share pleasant moments together, we are looking for International Volunteer representatives, speaker, expert or non expert Social organization, Sports Club, Unemployed and other social groups interested in solidarity economy communicate us. (see more)


  The objective of this program consists of several conferences and trainings at the national and international level: We have a program called advisory and support service for organizations, professionals, the mayor and members, etc . (see more)


  • The objective is to provide, in the country, a better quality of life for people who do not have sufficient financial resources to pay for their care.
  • NATURAL DISASTERS:  Haitelmex add your experience, natural disasters, support the application can occur in regions of Haiti, in the same way as the fraternal countries are accustomed to act in the great natural phenomena.





  • Culture and human development are the basis for the integral growth of the person. For this reason, the Foundation promotes gives access to the arts and the diversity of cultural expressions and supports the implementation of appropriate programs to find the ` welfare and family or society.
    The Foundation “considers sport as a priority at all levels of sport as a source of recreation and dissemination, with elite athletic performance and international competitiveness.



  • This program is a contribution to social justice. It also contributes to the benefit of having fewer resources or not, to set at liberty those who are eligible, but are still in prison because of their extreme poverty and ensure their reintegration into their families and society.
  •  Foundation Haitelmex strengthening agriculture. Organic farming produces food up to three times more than agriculture • (Read more)



Juvenile and Delinquency prevention

Request for collaboration in exchange for donation of optional advertising in our magazine, and whatsapp, facebook, web page Event bulletin board . The purpose of this program and to celebrate the birthday of our volunteer children from different months of the year and other event and training activities.To learn more 



Culture and human development

This issue of Arts Funding Watch features news about an eight-figure gift for a new series of renovations to an arts center You'll also find links to other arts-related news, resources, funding opportunities for individuals and organizations, as well as job offers. To learn more 

Juvenile prevention;

Juvenile and Delinquency prevention : Volunteer Program Young talent and future leaders for tomorrow. To learn more 

Through the sports and cultural committee, we organize sports exchange programs in Mexico, Geneva and other countries every three months to compete in Marathon, volleyball and basketball programs at the same time we recruit promoters to promote our activities.

Job Creation Program
We offer 250 scholarships to young people recruited in marginalized areas through our programs of activities and training which is titled: Capacity Building for Healthy Nutrition and Leadership, .. and a Linguistics Program.

Program Job Creation and Social Engagement in Event Employment: professional sector promoter, training for advocacy agents, working, international promoters every 90 days

Educational support for children

We work with schools to identify those who have a precarious payment history of school fees. In addition, we provide school supplies and educational support children in rural Haiti. This project has a duration of 24 months, to help children to obtain better opportunities to be educated and contribute to the development of society, we already have an average of 50 children with around 300 per year from around 25 to 50 schools to disadvantage. To learn more 

Other information in the accompaniment framework.

Create a Publication Service in exchange for donation for their new partners by offering advertising in our magazine website and local event this exchange agreement to enable us to support our partners in several other areas throughout the year through the agreement of several other countries sees the objective letter of our programs at an annual affiliation cost or per month


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